Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stupid cars...

So my car has been acting up lately (well for the past few months - I've procrastinated doing anything about it). It's been shaking and idling funny...oh, and also stalling in the middle of downtown Seattle streets during rush hour.

I finally took it into Honda on Tuesday and they called me in the afternoon to see if I could leave it overnight. What an inconvenience! I don't live in the city...I live about 30 minutes north, so not having a car is a big deal. I made it work though (Jason had to pick me up and bring me to work, and he works in a completely different direction) because I want my car to be fixed! I don't want it to be's nerve racking, annoying and worst of all...embarassing!

Anyway, they called me yesterday afternoon to say that it was running smoothly and was ready to be picked up. So, I caught their courtesy shuttle up there to pick it up. They were nice enough to not charge me a dime! - surprisingly enough. I have an extended warranty and they told me that if it starts acting up again, my warranty will probably cover it, so they would have to reimburse me anyway, so they were not going to charge me yesterday. Sweet!

I hop in my car and jump on the freeway headed toward home, and low and behold...IT STARTS SHAKING AGAIN! Ugh!

So I had to take it back in this morning. What a pain! They called earlier and said that the technician who worked on it yesterday didn't do something that he should've (great, that makes me feel better). They apologized and told me it was ready to be picked up.

We'll see if it's really fixed at 5pm!

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