Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I love you Target!

After living in our current apartment for a little over a year, we are FINALLY going to use our spare room as an office, which is why we have 2 bedrooms in the first place!

Currently our extra room is a storage room and the cat's bathroom! We pretty much just throw anything and everything in there that does not have a home, i.e. the footspa I got for Christmas, camping gear and boxes. Oh, and the cat litter box.

We got rid of our old desk when we moved because it was big and ugly and we wanted to get a new one. Of course, things came up and we couldn't agree on anything, so we have been deskless, and therefore officeless, for over a year.

Sometime last summer we found a really cool desk that we liked a lot at Target. It's called the Madison Trestle Desk. It was on clearance (for $150), but the Target near us didn't have any left, except the floor model. So the next day we went to another Target to check and they didn't have any either. We ended up calling every Target in our area and no one had it anymore, so we went back to our Target to see if we could buy the floor model and, of course, it was gone!

After disappearing from the store, it was still available online, but at the full price of $199.99! Not only that, but there was a $60 shipping fee! Needless to say, we did not purchase it.

We've looked around for another desk that is comparable in price & look, but haven't been able to find anything that we like. We kept comparing everything to the Target desk.

A few weeks ago I was at Target perusing the aisles, and low and behold, I saw our desk! I swear it was like light from the heavens came down and lit it up! It was still $199.99, but now no shipping fee. So we put it on our list to buy within the next few weeks so we don't miss out again!

Now here's the good part...I was looking at the Target sale paper this past Sunday, and our desk was on sale for $160!!!!!

We went and bought it Monday night and we're going to put it together tonight! I can't wait!

I will take some pics of the whole office once we get it all set up!

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