Wednesday, July 16, 2008

fat tuesday (a day late and 1/2 lb heavier)

So I gained...again.

Only .6 this week, but still not a loss. I'm done being hard on myself though...I'm just telling myself that I'm going to lose and I'm going to's not easy. And, I'll lose next far my pattern has been that if I gain one week, I will lose big the following week...

So here's to next week!

This week: + .6 lbs
Total loss: 12.4 lbs


Katelin said...

my weight keeps flip flopping too recently and it's so frustrating. just have to tell myself it'll be okay and i can lose it. and you can too :)

Lindsey said...

Congrats on keeping up with WW!! Even though you didn't lose this week, you're still headed in the right direction...and 0.6 is really nothing more than a glass of water. :)

Rachel said...

Keep it up...I've been up and down for the past month, so I'm not even going to post about it. Haha, but I completely feel your pain and discouragement.