Friday, November 14, 2008


Love: vacation days for no particular reason!  

Hate: Starbucks 'revised' their gingerbread latte this year and changed the name to gingersnap...what they failed to do is warn their customers that the new & 'improved' version includes CHUNKS of candied ginger - this was not a pleasant surprise when I sucked a chunk up through my straw while enjoying my first GB latte of the season.  YUCK!

Love: our engagement pics!  I can't stop looking at them!

Love: all of your super nice comments about our pics!

Hate: chocolate & donuts...well not really, but I hate that people keep bringing them into the office and forcing me to eat them!  (Ok, they're not actually forcing me - but my will power is not very strong these days.)

Love: that I found a wedding coordinator who's just starting out and is offering her services for free!  I meet with her Saturday!

Love: free Husky Football tickets!  Hopefully we'll actually beat UCLA this week.

Hate: my lack of motivation for WW and working out - I have GOT to get with the program!

Love: Twilight the movie comes out next Friday!  I'm counting down the days!

Share your loves/hates!

Happy Friday!


k said...

while I do LOVE the public library, I HATE that there is a 600 person wait for Twilight!

(As for UW - they have to win at least one right?!?! Maybe they just wait and pull it all out for Apple Cup.)

Katelin said...

yay for another twilight lover :)

and seriously i can never say no to free food in the office either, it's pretty bad.

Rachel H. said...

Cute lists! Wow! How did you find a wedding coordinator who is offering her services for free? That's AWESOME!