Thursday, December 04, 2008

a change of color

Remember back when I said that we had changed our wedding colors?  Well I never elaborated... 

After visiting our venue for a tasting and seeing it all set up...I realized that our original palette of pink, brown and green just wasn't going to work.  The venue is an old historic building and has a vintage glamorous feel to it.  The colors in the room are ivory, gold, burgundy and we've decided to go (varying shades), black and silver.

Here are few inspiration boards I am liking...I'm still working on my own.

What do you think?  


Tamsyn said...

Sounds perfect! I love the inspiration boards, but I can't choose a favorite.... I'm torn between the first and the third.

jessica maria said...

LOVE the pink + black + silver idea! great inspiration boards too - i think pale pink is so lovely and classic :)

Anne said...

Absolutely adore the third board. What great colors and it has a such a classic vintage yet black tie urban feel.

Thanks for sharing. Love reading your posts.